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We are a British secondary, non-profit international school founded in September 2012. AIS was created by a group of enthusiastic parents and teachers, who believe that learning should take place as experientially as possible, that individual attention is fundamental, and that close communication between the members of the educational community –  students, teachers and parents – is essential.

Our educational method is based on:

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“We are delighted with the spiritual well-being of our children studying at AIS. We moved to Spain one year ago and it was a tremendous change linguistically and culturally, but with the patience and professional guidance of the school staff, we feel our children have been really helped to stabilise in their new environment and moreover they are receiving the tools and skills that they will need later in life to be balanced and happy grown-up individuals.”
(Parent Class 6 and 8)

The School’s Ethos

giving significant importance to the distinctive developmental phases of the developing child and adolescent.

giving equal attention to the children’s academic, physical, social and emotional needs.

treating artistic and creative activities and the development of the imagination as an integral part of the learning process.

developing an interest in learning through exploration and by nurturing creativity and self-reliance.


Education & Mission

“The seed of our wisdom and insight is already there. A good teacher touches this seed allowing it to sprout and grow”

Thich Nhat Hanh


“AIS is a gem! We are lucky to be part of a school community with spaces of focus, connection, and growth, in which our children are being prepared not just academically but also to handle their emotions in a better way. For our son, it has been a very welcoming and positive school experience. Seeing him already deal with the challenges of life with more clarity has brought much happiness to our family.”
(Parent Class 8)


A-Level Plus

Our concept is to provide a broad curriculum covering 5 or 6 subject areas. Some of these areas will be covered by A-level courses and some by enrichment (non examined) subjects.

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IGCSE 2017

Exam Success

94% grades A*-C
100% grades A-C in English
73% grades A*-A in Maths

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