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Admission & Fees

To apply for a place for your child you will need to fill out an initial enquiry form.

This form is available by request from .  After submitting their application form, the parents will be invited for an informal visit to the school.

There is a minimal special needs provision at our school. For this reason the school cannot accept children with severe emotional or behavioural difficulties.

If the child is offered a place by the school, the first term will be a trial period.

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Our Fees

Monthly fees

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  • Fees are paid monthly from September to June (10 monthly payments). Payments are made at the beginning of each month by transfer or standing order. Extras are charged monthly. There is a reduction of 20 % on the monthly fees for siblings.

Registration fee

  • This fee of 350€ includes administration costs, school materials such as: exercise books, coloring pencils, craft materials, the loan of some reference books and the use of tools for gardening and agricultural workshops. Not included are: Reading books and some workbooks, recorders or other musical instruments for music classes or specialized material for Maths and Art classes (compass, ruler, calculator etc.).

Refundable Deposit

  • There is an initial deposit of two months fees at the time of pre-registration. The deposit will be returned within 15 days of the student’s withdrawal from the school. Any unpaid fees or other missing payments will be deducted from this amount before repayment.


  • In accordance with the philosophy of the school, we believe that the economic situation of families should not be an impediment to accessing the education of their choice. We are therefore offering scholarships according to student’s individual possibilities.