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Extra Curricular Activities
Basketball with
Jose Benavente
Every week on Mondays, AIS PE teacher, Jose Benavente offers a training class. Jose is a professional Basketball trainer, so to improve your skills or learn a new sport, sign-up. Table Tennis with
José Benavente
Spanish for Students and Adults Python Programming & Start Up with
Tommy Bernabeu
Science Club with
Gillian Henry
Spanish Beginner and intermediate level with AIS Spanish teacher. Art Club with
Silvia Granda
Arts classes with AIS Fine Arts teacher. Capoeira with
Rafael Aguilar
Capoeira is an art form that combines elements of martial arts, dance, acrobatics and music. Our Teacher, Rafael Aguilar, will introduce children into this art to develop their strenght and balance. Piano Lessons with
Istvan Szekely
Professional Concert Pianist and an experienced piano teacher István Székely will be offering private piano lessons. The lessons cost is 45 Euros per month for a weekly lesson of 1/2 hour. Please contact and pay directly to István Székely on istvan.szekely.piano@gmail.com. For students of classes 2 to 5 External students are also welcome, and can contact us through the Administration Office email in order to request the link to the online registration form: info@ais-international-school.es We are delighted to present the new range of AIS Extra-Curricular classes for 2022/23. Classes are available both to AIS students and students from other schools. We offer languages, art, music, dance, a variety of sports, Math and Python Programming.

Most of the classes take place from 3.45 pm until 5.45 pm.

AIS students - please click on the button below to register for our extra curricular classes:
Maths Support, with
Rafael Aguilar
Volleyball with
José Benavente
EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Contenido en Español English Support with
Elena Álvarez
Lessons are taught by AIS teachers, using creative and stimulating methods. Classes are kept small with a maximum of 12 students, placed by level and teaching ages between 9 and 14 years. Contenido
en Español
Football con
Rafael Aguilar
For Secondary students