VLOG EVENTS & CELEBRATIONS "Community is much more than belonging to something, it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter."
Patrick Star

Community Gallery EN COMMUNITY EVENTS, CELEBRATIONS AND EXCURSIONS Our school is a learning community which is formed by our teachers, our students and their families. We engage with our school community through a range of activities including: Trimester Celebrations Autumn Celebration Families gather to see their children perform at AIS Hall Full Hall at AIS Classes 9,10 Choir performing Harvest Celebration Delicious foods prepared by AIS families and students Class Representatives: We have parents as class representatives who work together with us to ensure the smooth running of the school. AIS Popular Harvest Celebration Families gather to see their children perform at AIS Hall Fayres and Local Festivities Spring Fayre Foods, stalls and performances during our Spring Market Advent Fayre Families enjoying the pre-Christmas festive atmosphere Christmas Wreath-making Parents and students work together preparing for the Advent Fayre Market Stalls Selling of goods and foods in support of AIS Family Excursions and Trips Another popular event with our pupils are the family excursions, where we come together and enjoy walks into the surrounding countryside Monthly Weekend Excursions Enjoying the beautiful surrounding nature and the mountains for sharing nice time with other families of the AIS community Annual Ski Trips A great opportunity to experience the snowy mountains in the north of Spain, while learning and practicing the great outdoor sport of skiing Fiesta of San Vicente AIS participating in the annual festivities of the three local villages, Alfaz del Pi, La Nucia and Altea AIS



Outdoor Learning

December 8th, 2020|

Outdoor learning connected with nature inspires teaching and motivates students At AIS, we believe that the essence of education today is how we are all connected to the environment. When we combine learning with the outdoors, it provides the [...]


PE/Games with Jose Benavente #1

PE/Game with Jose Benavente #1 Learn how to do a Headstand [fusion_video video="" video_webm="" width="" controls="yes" preload="" loop="no" autoplay="no" mute="no" preview_image="" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" class="" css_id="" overlay_color="" border_radius_top_left="" border_radius_top_right="" border_radius_bottom_right="" border_radius_bottom_left="" box_shadow="no" box_shadow_vertical="" box_shadow_horizontal="" box_shadow_blur="0" box_shadow_spread="0" box_shadow_color="" alignment="" margin_top="" margin_bottom="" [...]

Support EN SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL COMMUNITY Donate with PayPal THE CAUTIVADOR FOUNDATION The Foundation Cautivador is set up primarily to support cultural and artistic events for the community. It is funded by the Traub family and private donors. The foundation views the school as an important asset to the community that should be protected and enhanced by this additional funding.

Its secondary function but equally as important is to support key areas of the school including bursaries and scholarships; the upkeep of historical buildings of importance to the local area; and support for the continual professional development of the teachers in the areas of mindfulness, pedagogy, new technology and educational psychology.

The foundation is registered as an ONG no: G54845219

For more information on the foundation, please contact the office at AIS. Telephone: 625295634 or use our
contact form
1. Bursaries and Scholarships for Families:
  • who are not able to pay the full fees (this is a vital necessary for sustainable school operations);
  • with highly motivated students;
  • with an affinity to the school’s philosophy
There is a rigorous and objective filtering process and approval criteria in place for families to gain financial assistance.
2. Renovation of the Facilities AIS is located in historical buildings. In order to grow, new sections of the building will need to be renovated:
  • Old historic olive press
  • Swimming pool for physical education purposes
  • New primary section of the school will be located in the olive press
The work that takes place is subject to rigorous and objective approval for all suppliers involved.
3. Cultural Events
  • Concerts in the school auditorium
  • Theatre performances
  • Master classes for music and drama
  • Lectures and conferences related to the AIS philosophy such as environmental issues, pedagogy, mindfulness.
Where relevant these events are made public to the school and the local community.
4. Professional Training Support for continued professional training for teachers and staff of AIS.
Seminars for teachers in areas related to the school pedagogy and vision such as:
  • Mindfulness (SYLI Foundation)
  • New technologyPedagogy
  • education psychology (special educational needs).
All training and development is appropriate to the specific requirements as outlined above and is subject to approval by the trustees of the foundation.

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