On Friday the 16th of February, Altea International School and our teachers Sue Felton and Vicky Sand kindly organized a trip for the students studying Art. We started to set off at 8:15 am by being picked up by a bus which then took us to Valencia.

When we first arrived in Valencia, we were taken to see the “Palau de la Musica “. There we had a guided tour from Ana, through the different concert rooms where she explained its unique and interesting architecture.

After that, we visited the “Museu de Belles Arts” where we all had the chance to do an observational drawing. We walked through the museum looking at the different types of art including religious and medieval art, together with a whole section dedicated to Joaquín Sorolla, a famous Spanish painter who was born in Valencia.

After visiting the art museum, we stopped at the park in the dry river bed to have lunch. When we finished lunch in the park, we then walked to our next and final stop, the “ IVAM “ – a modern art museum. There we were given the freedom to walk around the galleries and look at the art that interested us the most.

In conclusion, this trip was a great experience providing inspiration for our next art project and with lots of great singing on the way home!

Kimberly Olsen (Class 11)

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