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The Story EN ______________ OUR SCHOOL AIS International School is a place for children to be authentic: to be able to grow, develop and learn in a supportive and creative environment. Learning through working in co-operation with one another and from an experienced and engaged teaching team who offer a personalised approach to the development and support of the wellbeing of each individual child.

Children have the opportunity to learn in an outstanding natural setting where their day is intertwined with outdoor activities. Breathing in the fresh air and smell of Mediterranean pine trees with incredible sea and mountain views.
Our Story
Our School EN OUR SCHOOL AIS First Years AIS International School is a British international school for children aged 6 – 18 years old that was founded in 2012. AIS was created by a group of enthusiastic parents and teachers, who believed that a young person’s learning should take place as experientially as possible; that individual attention using a personalised approach is fundamental; and that close co-operation and effective communication between all members of the school community – students, teachers and parents – is essential. The school started in a small location in Altea and moved in 2016 to its present historic and picturesque location in El Cautivador. Cautivador EN El Cautivador In April 2016, the school’s trust secured the site at El Cautivador. It was chosen for its location, the historic buildings, the incredible space and the surrounding picturesque natural environment. This move allowed AIS to grow and offer the full range of secondary education followed recently by the addition of sixth form. El Cautivador in the past was a place of retreat and it is also a place that has spiritual and environmental importance at a national level: the neighbours being the CEM environmental centre and the Ermita of San Vicente. Ever Evolving EN An ever-evolving school With the addition of classes 5 and 6 of primary in the last two years, in 2020 we will open our doors to Class 1/Year 2 of primary, children age 6. With our goal to continue opening up each year of primary in the subsequent years. There is a new building, the olive press house where the auditorium is housed which is currently being converted and will be ready for September 2021.

OUR MISSION Our Vision We endeavour to provide a broad and balanced education supporting students in a creative and nurturing environment, where academic achievement goes hand-in-hand with social awareness, emotional wellbeing and happiness. ______________

HT Wellcome EN HEADTEACHER WELCOME It is a privilege and a great pleasure to be able to play a part in the education of our young people. Seeing families of so many different countries and ethnic groups bringing their children to our school and seeing the children happy and taking ownership of ‘their’ school, day by day, fills me with immense joy and gratitude but also with a feeling of responsibility.

Thanks to a dedicated and creative team of teachers and staff - life-long learners evolving and developing - and a stunningly beautiful location, we are able to offer a special place of education where the need for imagination and the quest for knowledge and truth are met and where the students can truly thrive.

We would love to welcome you at our school to an open day, community event or just to visit and to see what makes AIS International School so special. Please contact us to arrange a visit where you will have an opportunity to meet our students, teachers and parents and to see our school in action.
Anja Traub Headteacher and Founder

Vision EN THE VISION OF AIS To contribute to a better world through a holistic educational approach.

To offer an integrated curriculum that meets the developmental needs of each student. We provide a broad learning experience grounded in a unique approach; where less emphasis on testing in a happier and supportive environment promotes better results.

To motivate and develop the students’ intellectual curiosity, social sensitivity and physical health; to ensure that equal emphasis is placed on a solid academic foundation, artistic expression and socio-emotional development.

To offer an opportunity to learn in an outstanding natural setting with a team of dedicated and engaged teachers that support the well-being of a young person throughout their formative years. We integrate the practice of mindfulness to support the development of empathy, clear thinking, kindness, resilience and social responsibility.

To provide a good example of integrity, cooperation and responsible behaviour that contributes to a caring and safe environment; where individuals feel able to express themselves in a vibrant, multi-cultural and inclusive school setting.


At AIS we integrate our values in everything we do

We nurture imagination and encourage experimentation through artistic activity and practical work. We encourage our students to
explore the world around
them with open
We approach challenges with an open mind, motivation to learn and the enthusiastic engagement of life-long learners. Enthusiasm Curiosity We cultivate open-mindedness and curiosity through engagement with the natural world, with our companions and colleagues, and with ourselves. Connectedness We educate towards developing intellectual ingenuity, social awareness and an understanding of inter-connectedness. We are attentive to individual needs, caring, tolerant and inclusive. We endeavour to work cooperatively and build strong
long-term collaborative and
harmonious relationships.
Creativity Kindness We create a familiar, calm and secure environment;
we hold deep respect for each child and their individual
Personalised approach

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for 2020/2021
is now
AIS welcomes children between the ages of 6 to 18 years. We aim to make the application process as smooth as possible and we’re here to answer any questions you may have Contact us to make an appointment

Offering an opportunity to learn in an outstanding natural setting with a team of dedicated and engaged teachers that support the well-being of a young person throughout their formative years. Meet our team TEAM

Gallery EN Unique Setting
Beautiful Facilities
AIS International School moved to El Cautivador in 2016. The site was chosen for the ambience, the situation and its historic and spiritual heritage. These were considered the perfect ingredients for the physical space for AIS and the transformation into the school that it is today makes for one of the most unique and beautiful, yet wholly practical, schools you are likely to discover. Come. Take a look inside, and out!
OUR BUILDING AIS at Cautivador Main building facade Cautivador and the Mountains The south side of the building and the incredible views of the mountain backdrop. Panorama View Panoramic view with the school’s natural volleyball court Inner Courtyard with the Sierra Bernia Inner courtyard of El Cautivador at peace during sunrise Inner Courtyard Inner courtyard in another peaceful moment during the school day. AIS FACILITIES Auditorium The rear of the old olive press has been transformed into the school’s beautiful auditorium where we hold whole school assemblies, concerts and a variety of classes and workshops. Art Room An open and light creative space, resembling a rural atelier of an artist. Sports Court Completely hidden and tucked away is our multi-purpose sports facility. A great space set on the edge of the school close to the surrounding Mediterranean pine woodland. Vegetable Garden Fresh vegetables, organically grown and the garden is well-kept by the AIS students. Computer and Media Room Housing 20 computers all with the latest software, printing and projecting facilities, the students and teaching team are fully equipped to incorporate technology where relevant into their studies. SETTING & SURROUNDINGS El Cautivador AItea International School is situated in an area of outstanding beauty. Set in an elevated position in the countryside overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean coastline, the beautiful town of Altea and nestled between Alfaz del Pi and La Nucia. CEM Environmental Education Center Next door to the school are two very important sites. Centro Educativo Medioambiental CEM El Captivador is an environmental education centre set up by the ayuntamiento of La Nucia in collaboration with the University of Alicante. The building itself is a model of sustainable construction fully integrated into its environment, local topography and vegetation. It’s a complex designed to bring nature and Mediterranean history, to the local people in an open and flexible space. Its key uses are for university research; seminars and conferences; local environmental tourism and sociocultural events. San Vicente Chapel The hermitage of San Vicente is located a few meters from CEM and Altea International School. L’Ermita is a small, beautiful white chapel with a small square. It was built in 1804 by the local neighbours at the time who wanted to commemorate and remember this sacred site. L’Ermita received its name in honour of San Vicente Ferrer who is said to have preached in this spot on his pilgrimage to Castilla in 1410. AIS The buildings, their situation and the surrounding landscape make for incredible aerial photographs. Here is one that was taken recently in early 2020.

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