AIS is a place for children to be authentic "The need for imagination, a sense of truth and a feeling of responsibility, - these three forces are the very nerve of education." R.Steiner
AIS International School is a privately owned British international school with Steiner-Waldorf orientation, dedicated to offering a unique learning experience.

AIS follows the British National Curriculum complemented by a Steiner Waldorf perspective and Mindfulness practices, ensuring that equal emphasis is placed on solid academic foundation, artistic expression and socio-emotional development. It is a place for children to be authentic; to be able to grow, develop and learn in a supportive and creative environment. Learning through working in co-operation with one another and from an experienced and engaged teaching team who offer a personalised approach to the development and support of the wellbeing of each individual child.

Our school is a learning community which is formed by our teachers, our students and their families. We hold parents meetings every month either as individual meetings with the class tutors or as a whole class. Our parents are invited into school regularly for fairs and celebrations and we encourage them to participate alongside us in their organization. We have parents as class representatives who work together with us to ensure the smooth running of the school. Another popular event with our pupils are the family excursions, where we come together and enjoy walks into the surrounding countryside.
Read More Children have the opportunity to learn in an outstanding natural setting where their day is intertwined with outdoor activities. Breathing in the fresh air and smell of Mediterranean pine trees with incredible sea and mountain views. AIS is a vibrant, multi-cultural and inclusive school where Individuals feel able to express themselves. We are a small friendly school. Individual care for each child is fundamental, and everyone – students, staff and parents know each other well.
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AIS is a place for children to be authentic
Education intro The
pillars of
BRITISH NATIONAL CURRICULUM: The internationally acclaimed British National Curriculum is a well crafted set of subjects and standards used by primary and secondary schools. It is taught by thousands of schools world-wide, and by more than 100 schools in Spain.

The national curriculum is organised into blocks of years called ‘key stages’ (KS).
Compare Education Systems AIS offers a rigorous and competent preparation for IGCSE exams (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) at age 16 and A-levels at age 18, with validation for Spanish and other international education systems.
STEINER-WALDORF ORIENTATION: The Steiner-Waldorf pedagogic philosophy promotes a developmentally appropriate and broad learning experience grounded in a unique approach to curricular delivery and design: equal emphasis is placed on a solid academic foundation, artistic expression and socio-emotional development.

AIS uses a Steiner-Waldorf inspired approach to teaching and learning, giving significant importance to nurturing creativity, imagination and exploration. The main subjects are delivered in blocks of three weeks where the students are immersed in the topics being covered to consolidate learning.
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MINDFULNESS Integrating the practice of mindfulness, to support the development of concentration, empathy and emotional intelligence. Mindfulness is another word for non-judgmental awareness.

We learn about meditation and relaxation, and share important themes as a school community.
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“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings, who are able to impart purpose and direction to their lives.”
Rudolf Steiner
Steiner-Waldorf education has proved itself adaptable in different ways all over the world over the past 100 years, and has the reputation for preparing well-rounded and balanced human beings who are able to cope with the demands of a fast-changing and uncertain world.

AIS is interested in combining the advantages and solidity of the British curriculum with the insight and sensitivity of the Steiner Waldorf method. This includes respecting individual developmental stages, giving personalised attention and working with small groups. The development of social and emotional skills and a sense of inclusivity are also a priority. To this end the school offers special events, trips and nurturing community activities.

In keeping with the Steiner ethos, we aim to provide an unhurried and creative learning environment, where interest is nurtured by experiential learning. The core subjects of the curriculum, designed to work in harmony with the different phases of the student’s development, include a balance of artistic, practical and intellectual content.
Mindfulness EN Bringing the practice of mindfulness to education means introducing methods of meditation and concentration that examine and cultivate the mind thus enabling the students to be alert to the processes of their own thinking, feelings and actions.

People practise mindfulness for many reasons and it has been shown to have a positive impact on stress, attention and relationships. Some of the main benefits of practising mindfulness have been shown to include*:

• Stress reduction
• Boost to working memory
• Focus
• Less emotional reactivity
• More cognitive flexibility
• Healthier relationships


At AIS we practise mindfulness in different ways integrated into diverse subject lessons and assemblies. These practices include:

• learning about meditation and relaxation
• sharing about important themes as a school community
• sitting in silence

Some of the specific mindfulness practices that we regularly include are:

• Walking meditation
• Mindful breathing
• Focused attention

We believe that integrating this practice contributes towards strengthening self-confidence, empathy, critical thinking and an overall improvement in wellbeing.

PRIMARY Testimonial1 EN “We are delighted with the spiritual well-being of our children studying at AIS.

We moved to Spain one year ago and it was a tremendous change linguistically and culturally, but with the patience and professional guidance of the school staff,
we feel our children have been really helped to stabilise in their new environment.
Moreover, they are receiving the tools and skills that they will need later in life to be balanced and happy grown-up individuals.”

(Parent Class 8)
SECONDARY Testimonial2 “AIS is a gem!

We are lucky to be part of a school community with spaces of focus, connection, and growth, in which our children are being prepared not just academically but also to handle their emotions in a better way.

For our son, it has been a very welcoming and positive school experience. Seeing him already deal with the challenges of life with more clarity has brought much happiness to our family.”

(Padres de la clase 7)
A-LEVELS Testimonial3 “We consider ourselves to be very lucky to have our children in AIS.

It allows them to learn and grow up in a peaceful environment, with adults who care about all aspects of their personalities.

They achieve a good level of academic knowledge, without being stressed or burned out.

And of course, it has a very positive impact on our family life.
Happy children, happy parents!”

(Parent class 6)
AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Testimonial4 EN "I just would like to express my appreciation for the work you have been doing on the administrative and educational levels in this extraordinary situation.
From day one you all have been very supportive and able to start an immediate action program. The fact that the online school schedule has been followed in the regular school hours gives a sense of normality in this challenging time. My daughter stays in touch with the teachers and friends and does not feel disconnected. The seamless, virtual classes have turned out to be a good experience after all. We also appreciate the fact that the subjects like art, music and sport were not dismissed, so creativity, creation, movement and hands-on projects have been blossoming.
The fact that you have approached this sudden situation in a fast and professional way is outstanding and we are very thankful for that. Your smooth transition into online classes with no doubt has played a big role into the emotional balance of the students in the aspect of learning.
We hope to see you soon on the school premises."
Mother (Class 7)
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Why Parents Choose AIS:
  1. Children enjoy going to school

  2. Teachers encourage and challenge students appropriately

  3. Support is given when needed

  4. Teachers meet the students at eye level

  5. The school has clear rules, boundaries and values

  1. The school is not only a place of learning, but also a place that feels like home

  2. Parents also feel at home here

  3. The school is integrated within the wider community

  4. Teachers feel supported and nourished by the team

  5. Parents get involved in the school
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Are the children learning enough?
Are the teachers engaged?
Why Parents Choose AIS:
  1. Children enjoy going to school

  2. Teachers encourage and challenge students appropriately
  • Pass rate is very high because of personalised attention.
  • Teachers make an effort to find the right level of challenge.
  1. Support is given when needed
  • In a safe learning environment, lessons take different levels into account and weaker students are not exposed.
  • Feedback is more than just grades and numerical reports. Helpful comments are given on written work and project evaluations.
  • Twice a term more comprehensive information about the learning development is given in the school report.
  • On frequent consultation days and at parent-teacher meetings, teachers communicate with parents and students about their progress.
  1. Teachers meet the students at eye level
  • The school involves the students in important decisions through class representation at school councils.
  • Students help in assembly with design and presentation and they participate in class trip organisation.
  • Within the lessons there is space for self-determination and creative freedom. For certain activities, the instructions do not come from above, but the steps are considered and agreed upon together.
  1. The school has clear rules, boundaries and values
  • Lessons start on time, students and teachers treat each other with respect, and work is returned promptly.
  • Principles of cooperation are anchored in the school policies and accepted by all.
  • If the agreements are violated, sanctions are given.
  1. The school is not only a place of learning, but also a place that feels like home
  • Care is taken with classroom decoration and with keeping the school and premises tidy and litter free.
  1. Parents also feel at home here
  • The school management prioritises parent communication and will always organise readily to meet the request.
  • Parents can attend information evenings and open days.
  • Regular meeting possibilities are offered for feedback and for receiving advice from the student’s perspective.
  • Parents are encouraged to talk to other parents or alumni and ask the school management for an interview.
  1. The school is integrated within the wider community
  • Contact and connections to local organisations such as sport clubs, public halls and theatres are made and developed.
  • Parents, artists, craftspeople and social workers such as environmental experts, are invited to contribute their experience and knowledge.
  1. Teachers feel supported and nourished by the team
  • The educators allow colleagues or parents to participate in lessons.
  • They work together in teams, exchange experiences, attend training courses and have their performance evaluated.
  1. Parents get involved in the school
  • Parents are not only in demand as cake bakers for school festivals, the school also promotes their participation in committees, on school trips and excursions.
  • The parents support the work of the school through a support bursary foundation.
....and a few more reasons!
  • GCSE results regularly above the national average.
  • Our fees are up to 30% less expensive than most other British schools.
  • We think we have the most lively and exciting curriculum
To find out more why not come to one of our Open Days.
We look forward to meeting you.
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AIS welcomes children between the ages of 6 to 18 years. We aim to make the application process as smooth as possible and we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Initial Enquiry Form email Contact Call us or send a WhatsApp

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