Academic Leadership Team

Anja Traub

Director and Founder, Headteacher, Subject Teacher for Music

Susan Felton

Key Stage 4 Coordinator, Class Teacher of Class 10/Year 11, Subject Teacher for History, English

Jose Benavente

Key Stage 3 Coordinator, Class Teacher of Class 8/Year 9, Subject Teacher for PE

Maria Walker

Primary and Steiner-Waldorf Coordinator, Class Teacher of Class 8/Year 9, Subject Teacher for English, German, Drama.

Hello! I’m Maria and I’ve been a teacher since I finished my University degree in English and French at the age of 22! I am qualified and experienced in TEFL, Waldorf and British mainstream Education. I have worked at AIS for 5 years. I have always loved Languages, Literature, History and experiencing other cultures.  When standing in front of a class of young people I try to help them discover and develop the abilities they inherently bring with them and to mature in their perception of themselves, those around them and the world they live in.

Class Teachers and Subject Teachers

Gillian Henry

Class Teacher of Class 10/Year 11, Subject Teacher for Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Tommy Bernabeu

Class Teacher of Class 9/Year 10, Subject Teacher for ICT, Computer Science

“BSc Physics, MA TSC Networks, Ph.D. Telecommunications Engineering. With experience as a University professor for programming in communication theory, I started secondary school teaching at AIS in 2018. Passionate about technology, physics, and maths.”

Catalina Del Cid

Class Teacher of Class 9/Year 10. Subject Teacher for Fine Arts

Anna Nixon

Class Teacher of Class 5-6/Year 6-7, Subject Teacher for Maths, English

Joana Martins

Class Teacher of Class 3-4/Year 4-5

Atalí Bonilla

Class Teacher of Class 1/Year 2

Christianne Setien

Subject Teacher for Spanish

Silvia Granda

Subject Teacher for Arts, Crafts, Spanish, Gardening

Celia Oliva

Subject Teacher for Maths (GCSE, A-Level)

Susanna Speth

Subject Teacher for German

Eugenia Roig

Subject Teacher for Valencian


AIS logo place holder

Susana Aranda

Office Manager

Gina Perera


Nigel Aspey

Exams Officer, Academic Consultant

Marianne Adjei

Academic and Pastoral Consultant

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